Hash Machine will be serving tasty food on the night!


Here is a little bit about Adam.

I grew up in Brighton working in fast food and kebab houses in my teens and early 20s. A lifelong foodie, I always wanted to pursue a career in cooking but was put off by the hours and working conditions. Years later, with the growth in street food, I saw an opportunity to create food which was high quality but didn’t require me to spend my life in a restaurant kitchen. The Hash Machine came about after watching a programme about Poutine (a popular French-Canadian street food) which inspired me to try different takes on the dish. Eventually I decided that the potato hash (a favourite of mine) made the perfect vehicle for a variety of freshly made toppings. The inspiration for the menu comes partly from my eclectic musical taste. Current hits include, ’The Notorious P.I.G’, a dish of potato hash and pulled pork and ‘Robert Plant- based’, a rich coconut and chickpea vegan curry.


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