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7:00pm - 10pm

Are You Experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Tribute. 


Are You Experienced are now in their 24th. year together, and in that time have firmly established themselves as the premier Hendrix tribute in Europe, having headlined festivals in Brazil, Barbados, Rhodes as well as appearing at venues in Holland, Germany and Sweden. Founder member John Campbell has also appeared on TV shows in his Hendrix persona and bares more than a passing resemblance to the iconic guitarist. Joining him on drums is the new member, Phil Carter who along with Mark Arnold on bass guitar provide the powerful rythym section needed to emulate the "Hendrix" sound. 



In 2014 Jimi Hendrix's younger brother came over to the UK for a series of gigs, John Campbell was picked out to play with his band, during that time they became friends, and when Leon came over for his Jimi Hendrix Golden Anniversary tour in September 2016 he asked if John Campbell and the rest of Are You Experienced would join him as his band for the tour.



More recently, 2018 the band have appeared yet again on Leon’s latest theatre tour of the UK. Are You Experienced? enjoy bringing the music of Hendrix to a new and eager audience as well as those that remember him the first time around. Darren Redick - Planet Rock DJ "Wow...just WOW! Keith Altham - "John has the whole Jimi vibe going on."

See Concorde2's website for more information on social distance measures .

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