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7pm - 10pm


Johnny Cash Roadshow. 
‘Sin & Redemption’ t

The Johnny Cash Road Show

‘Clive captures my Grandfather JUST as he was’ - Caitlin Crowell, Granddaughter of Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash Roadshow is back. Set in Folsom Prison, award-winning Clive John pays homage to the Man in Black. The brand new ‘Sin & Redemption’ tour takes you through the emotion of Cash's career with favourites such as Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, Jackson and the darker more troubled material such as Hurt and others from the American Recordings. With standing ovations every night, this is the longest running and best celebration of Johnny Cash in the world today, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

‘His Resemblance is uncanny’ – Rosanne Cash, first daughter of Johnny Cash
‘Clive captures my Grandfather JUST as he was’ - Caitlin Crowell -Granddaughter of Johnny Cash
‘Absolutely authentic to the point where it felt as if it wasn't a tribute’ - Caitlin Crowell -Granddaughter of Johnny Cash
Clive sings moves and acts just like the 'Man in Black.' The Johnny Cash legend will continue.... Lasse Lindfors - Author and lifelong friend of Johnny Cash

Plus Dj Dave Mumbles

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