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7pm - 10pm 

Black Rabbit Productions Presents
The Devout + Paris Alexander

The Devout
The Devout is Europe’s premier Depeche Mode Tribute Act born from the infamous 'Speak and Spell', updated and driven forward by the same core member and productions.
There’s no doubt that this is a group of musicians whose experience, drive, passion and love for Depeche Mode shines through as they relish in recreating a live experience worthy of the boys from Basildon.
The aim of The Devout is simple. To put on a show that transports the senses of the audience back to the sacred glory days of Depeche Mode. 
Whether you were there at the beginning at The Crocs in Raleigh 1980, making sure everything counts at Hammersmith ‘83 live in Hamburg in ’84; amongst the Black Swarm in Birmingham ’86 or reaching out in Wembley in 1990, The Devout meticulously plan their show to give you the opportunity to live it once again. Or, perhaps for the first time!

Paris Alexander

Paris Alexander is a UK based multi instrumentalist music producer and electronic synth wave artist. He combines post punk, cold wave and dark synth wave… “sound waves imbued with wisdom and melancholy”….”dark synth wave engaged with the cold wave more necessary than ever”…taken from Renaissance album review by Alex Dematteis. Paris Alexander is also a vocalist, writer and producer for Norwegian band Antipole. 

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