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7:00pm - 10pm 

Whole Lotta Led

The new look Whole Lotta Led are one of the biggest tribute acts in the UK and an established professional Led Zeppelin tribute band. The band has undergone some big changes in line-up in 2012 but with incredible effect and are getting fantastic reviews. In comes Lee Pryor on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Harmonica. Martin Weetman on Keyboards/2nd Guitar/Vocals and Charlie Hart on Drums to join founder members Nick Ferris on Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Theramin and Geoff Hunt on Bass Guitar and Mandolin. The band can now recreate the sounds of Led Zeppelins original studio and live albums to an astonishing level of musicianship. Seriously! it does not get any better than this. Come and check out this amazing band - you will be dazed but not confused! You can be sure Whole Lotta Led will always deliver a great concert.

This is going to be a fantastic 2 hour show, covering all the very best of Led Zeppelin, performed by the best Zeppelin tribute out there!